Micro CHP

The high-efficiency cogeneration of small size suitable for multiple applications to users in the areas of the service sector, small-scale industry and the...

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Medium CHP

Cogeneration with machines of medium power (100 to 500 kWe), suitable for important complexes of tertiary, manufacturing and process heating services....

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The cogeneration power machines above 600 kW, suitable for facilities that require continuous use for heat and electricity. Suitable for process industries...

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The power of the CHP with biogas from wastewater treatment, waste treatment and animal husbandry, realized through processes of anaerobic digestion, is a...

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Our markets
  • Industry Sector

    In industry, the technology of cogeneration is an essential tool for improving the efficiency and lower overall energy costs.

  • Environment

    Cogeneration is environmentally friendly: both in typical applications for purification, both in industrial and service sectors. Cogeneration contributes significantly to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, limiting the greenhouse effect.

  • Tertiary Sector

    In tertiary cogeneration can cover an important part of the needs , combining economic performance to energy savings achieved, even using the application in trigeneration for the production of cooling energy. Important tax benefits contribute to operating results in cogeneration.

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