The executive project represents one of the stages of design in the context of the drafting of the project. 

It is the engineering of all planned work in earlier stages of design in every detail, making it the most technically defined phase of the entire design. Since it is excluded only the design of the site and associated temporary works. 

The final design is prepared on the basis of the guidelines provided by the final project and consists of the following elements: 

- The drawings, including those relating to the structures and plant; 
- Executing calculations of the system; 
- The security plans and coordination; 
the framework of the impact of labor for the different categories that make up the process; 

Component parts of the project executive 

The maintenance plan 
The maintenance plan has as its goal to prepare the maintenance over time of the functional characteristics of the structure. It is composed of the user manual, maintenance manual and maintenance schedule. 

The manual refers to the use of the most important parts of the work, with particular reference to the parts which may pose risks to misuse. The user guide contains information on the location of the parties involved in the intervention, their graphical representation, description, and its proper use. 

The service manual refers to the maintenance of the most important parts of the operation. It contains the location of the parties involved in the intervention, their graphical representation, the description of the resources required to maintenance, the minimum acceptable level of performance anomalies encountered, maintenance carried out directly by the user and those that are not. 

The maintenance program fixed for maintenance and inspections to be carried out following deadlines fixed in advance. 

It consists of three sub-programs: 

the performance of the subroutine, which analyzes the performance of the work in relation to its life cycle; 
the subroutine control, presetting of the audits conducted in order to control the level of performance offered by the work; 
the subprogram of maintenance, which also defines temporally maintenance to be carried out to maintain the work in good condition. 

Security plans and coordination 
Security plans and coordination of the projects are attached to the executive project whose aim is to reduce to a minimum the risks inherent in the processing. They are made following an assessment of the risks, and contain operational requirements to be implemented with the related costs.