The high-efficiency cogeneration of small size suitable for multiple applications to users in the areas of the service sector, small-scale industry and the environment; favored by the European Union for the dissemination of the culture of energy savings and environmental protection.

Enerblu designs and builds internally its range of high efficiency micro cogenerators (electricity + heat yields a total of> 90%) fueled with natural gas and LPG. 

These machines are suitable for the production of electricity and thermal energy. The configuration heavy duty low speed (1500 rpm) ensures a particularly long life equipment. 
The cogenerators are constituted by an internal combustion engine coupled to an alternator and fixed to the metal base through the anti-vibration joints. 
Taking advantage of the mechanical energy of the engine, the alternator produces electricity for use on a network. 

From the cooling system of the engine and the exhaust fumes are unable to produce thermal energy for domestic and industrial use. 

The construction features of the heat exchangers and engine guarantee operation with a wide range of utility water inlet temperature (from 32 ° C to 84 ° C). 
A programmable electronic system manages the operation, adjustment, safety devices and connection in remote management.