The cogeneration power machines above 600 kW, suitable for facilities that require continuous use for heat and electricity. Suitable for process industries that need to lower the cost of production of the finished product, and large complexes and industrial consortia interested in operational cost savings.

The range from 600 kWe CHP BIG up to 4 MWe has been developed for standardized solutions in container, either in cogeneration is trigeneration. 

All the Cogeneration Enerblu requires that all heat exchangers and dry coolers are progettatti entirely Enerblu itself, thus obtaining construction solutions that make our extremely efficient and compact groups. 

Together with such a characteristic that makes unique our cogenerators, much attention has been paid to the control system. It is therefore possible to manage the entire operation of the cogeneration plant from a remote location. Thanks to the particular control system, is also permitted remote adjustment of the working parameters of the engine. 

Enerblu is able to provide tailored solutions that provide for the insertion of the implant in the existing technical premises, in addition to the solution in the container and soundproofing systems designed ad hoc. 

The standard solutions in containers provide the following components: The 600 kWe CHP range REC2 - 4 MWe, in order to meet different energy needs of the client, can be connected with other specific equipment to optimize the efficiency of the plant. 

The same primary source of energy are produced more energy carriers, in particular thermal energy in the form of steam (at various operating pressures) and cooling energy in the form of chilled water.