The power of the CHP with biogas from wastewater treatment, waste treatment and animal husbandry, realized through processes of anaerobic digestion, is a great way to combine enhancement of the services also the economic benefits arising from the use of a renewable source .

Enerblu offers a full range of biogas CHP able to satisfy all the requests that come from the world of animal husbandry, the wastewater treatment plant and the waste sector (landfill). 

The range covers power ratings from 60 kWe to 999 kWe up, with the possibility, upon request, to reach up to 2 MWe. 

Enerblu is able to modulate the delivery of the customer's request and to provide a bespoke design that always aims at the maximum energy efficiency of the plant. 

All CHP biogas are provided with soundproofing in the cabin or container but can also be supplied in the form cofanato not under construction, ready to be installed on existing utility room.